The Menu

Our cakes are as quirky as their maker! We are super passionate about using the finest locally sourced ingredients we can get our mitts on including: free range eggs from Crag House Farm, Cookridge; dairy products from Longley Farm, Holmfirth; all our veggies and fruit from our local greengrocers, Sutcliffe’s of Farsley; and rapeseed oil from Wharfe Valley Farm, Collingham.

Mad Vicki Victoria, otherwise known is Vicki or Vics to her mates, looks every ounce completely ordinary but is far from it. Laced with courgette and Madagascan vanilla, Vicki is a bit of a wild one. Traditionally, you’ll see her filled with homemade raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream but she’s always up for switching things up!
Cocoa Chanel A timeless classic, reworked. It never goes out of fashion. Layers of sweet potato and chocolate sponge with silky chocolate buttercream.
Lady Lemon She carries herself with grace and poise and has a zest for life! She’s a ray of sunshine, even when winter is here. Her lemony loveliness and courgette charms create a dainty delight. Finished with homemade lemon curd and zingy lemon buttercream.
Jaffa Snaffler This wee rascal is definitely not a biscuit, our Cocoa Chanel sponge infused with orange zest and filled with ultimate chocolate orange buttercream.
Espresso Yo’self Quirky, zappy and zany. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Parsnip and walnut cake dowsed with a healthy shot of Espresso and for an extra caffeine hit, espresso steeped buttercream.
Merci mon Cherry Chocolate and cherries have been BFFs for… well, forever. Always the popular girls at school and everyone wanted to be in their gang. Cocoa Chanel and cherries team up once again to give you chocolate and sweet potato sponge studded with black cherries and layered with cheeky cherry crème au beurre.
Salt bae As completely extra as his namesake. Flamboyant and deadly serious. Salted brown sugar and butternut squash treacle sponge cake filled with gooey, salted butterscotch sauce and salted caramel buttercream.
24 carrot gold Pure and simple. No messing with this classic. Well. Only a little. Traditional carrot cake stacked with zesty lime frosting.
Pecan Pie Can recite the Pledge of Allegiance word for word., celebrates 4th July with much vigour and stays up all day and night to watch the Superbowl. He’s a star-spangled superstar made with parsnip, chopped pecans and Grade A maple syrup, a stand-up guy deserving of his fine maple syrup Swiss meringue frosting.
Harry & Meghan Lady Lemon was born to go to court! Lemon and courgette sponge filled with floral and elegant elderflower scented meringue buttercream.
(Rasp)Barry White Sexy and soulful. Your sweetness is our weakness. You’ll love this white chocolate and raspberry layer courgette cake filled with white chocolate ganache, just like us.
Scoffee Banoffee Banoffee is the kinda kid that has a caramel moustache and crumbs all round his chops. Banana and squidgy butternut squash sponge cake with salted toffee sauce and caramelised biscuit meringue buttercream.
Sweet Chai of mine She’s fragrant and it seems to me, reminds me of coffee shop memories. Aromatic, chai spiced parsnip cake with mixed spiced Swiss meringue buttercream.
Houston, we have Biscoff One small slice for me and one giant slice for.. also me! We can’t help it, this cake is out of this world! Brown sugar and butternut squash sponge layered with dreamy Biscoff spread and coffee crème.
Peanut Power There is nothing in this world that a jar of peanut butter and a spoon cannot fix. Fact. The solution to all your problems awaits. Caramelised butternut squash sponge stacked with a healthy dollop of pure, unadulterated peanut butter and peanut buttercream.
Traditional fruit cake Grandma Weston’s favourite. No mucking around here. Whether you enjoy it with a nice cup of Grandma Weston’s other love, Yorkshire Gold tea, or with a good chunk of Wensleydale, this lady has got you covered with her brandy soaked fruits, covered in a blanket of marzipan.

Woah is that it? But you missed out my FAVOURITE flavour?!
Don’t be silly, we constantly have our thinking caps on when it comes to flavour combinations and power couples of the culinary world. If you’re the kinda guy that wants to see Peanut Power pal up with Pecan Pie, we can make it happen (we have mutual contacts *wink*). No, seriously, we bake from scratch and your wish is our command.